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Glenn Beck Returns From Vacation; Can He End Ad Boycott This Week?

Last Upgraded Aug 24, 2009 10:38 AM EDT

Glenn Beck’s getaway from his Fox News Channel program recently was intended and also not an attempt to permit the warmth pass away down over the marketer boycott concerning his claim that President Obama is a racist, reports TELEVISION Newser.Beck returns

to the air today as well as some are expecting an apology for the opinions. In an appearance on Fox & & Buddies, Beck said that Obama has:

— a deep-seeded hatred for white folks– I’m not saying he doesn’t such as white people, I’m stating he has a trouble. This guy is, I believe, a racist.

Beck’s program is currently male enhancement pills walgreens delighting in massive ratings, but greater than 30 advertisers now decrease to run places in his time. Clorox recently signed up with the boycott.Fox continues to be in a difficult position: If Beck apologizes, he will certainly lose integrity amongst the audiences that apparently value his sights. If he does not, Fox can not earn the market value of the spots on his show. And also, certainly, an apology would certainly call for a Fox opiner to admit he was wrong– which might be the greatest hurdle of all.

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